What is Splendid Webs?

Splendid Webs is an ethically minded online services collaborative. We can do anything from a cheeky one page placeholder site, to partnering with you to create and manage your entire online presence and activities. We can also provide virtual assistants to help with workload or customer service should you need an extra pair of hands.

Who is Splendid Webs?

Splendid Webs was created by Stu Dixon, a long time IT dude and wannabe ethical superhero. Day to day, this mostly means wearing his underwear on the outside and trying to be as nice as possible. He is still waiting for his superpower to arrive.
Any day now.

So what do we mean by an ‘ethically minded’ company?

It’s all about ecology and equality. We want to be a tiny part of the movement to reduce suffering in the world, we want to fight for equality, and we want to promote physical, mental and planetary well being.
Nice words, but what are we actually doing about it? Well, we are trying to ‘put our money where our mouth is’. Here’s how:
  • We will not work with clients who are directly causing harm; companies linked to human rights abuse, fossil fuel companies, factory farmers etc.
  • We offer a range of discounts as standard to those who may have less┬áprivilege than others (see below).
  • We also offer discounts to good causes, and clients who also strive to make a positive change (again, see below).
  • Our hosting servers are 100% carbon neutral.


We are diversity positive, and seek to address the imbalance that still exists in society. It’s a small offering, but we would like to give a 10% discount to any persons, or companies, from, or supporting, the following groups:
People of colour, LGBTIQA+, people with a disability, people with mental health conditions, low income earners and people on the unfair side of the gender wage gap.
We have an Intersectional approach though, and can offer a little more if you fall into multiple categories. Sadly we can only promise another 5%, but do get in touch and we can see what can be worked out.
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